Online Video Advertising – A Local San Francisco Bay Area Business Cash Cow

Online video adverting is a cash cow for local San Francisco businesses. If you own a local business in the greater San Francisco area then online video advertising can help you reach new customers and milk the cash cow.

If your local San Francisco area business needs a financial shot in the arm there is nothing better than online video advertising. There is no other medium that combines the branding power of broadcast advertising with the direct response capability of the internet.

In the Bay Area these days even mom and pop style of operations understand the need for a website and I am sure that your business is no exception. While most business owners understand the need for a presence on the internet they fail to utilize their website to its full potential.

Regardless of the type of business that you operate a website can open up new streams of income. Your website is one of the most powerful sales tools that you have at your disposal. Use it to sell your products or provide information. Here are some examples of business types and how they can use their website to its full potential.

Specialty food stores (bakeries, ethnic supermarkets, etc.)

Modern shipping methods give you the ability to ship your products nearly anywhere in the world safely. Use your website to sell your products.

General Merchandise based businesses

Open your business up to the entire world by accepting orders online. There are billions of people in this world and many of them are online. Take advantage of the world wide market and your business will grow. You can now go international without opening franchises all over the world.

Service Related Companies (plumbers, mechanics, and hair salons)

Lately service companies have been posting their appointment book on their website. By doing this customers can see when there are openings and then call to schedule an appointment. This model is not perfect for all service related companies but there are other ways to bring in business.

Plumbers, carpenters, mechanics and other trades can offer informational products to customers in exchange for their name and email address. Once you build a prospect list you can email that list with specials, promotional material, and sales letters.

As you can see every business both needs and can profit from a website. A website needs promotion to bring in traffic. Online video advertising is one of the best methods to bring that much needed traffic to your website.

Online video advertising gives the local San Francisco business owner the branding power of broadcast advertising and the direct response power of the internet rolled up in one economic package. Use it to drive traffic to your website and open up new income streams.