Online Video Marketing Can Explode Your San Francisco Bay Local Business Profits

san francisco video marketingHow can your local business reach hundreds of new customers? I will give you a few hints, not by buying more newspaper advertising, or increasing the size of your ad in the yellow pages. While newspapers and yellow pages ads are a good way to get exposure for your business there is an easy and cost effective way to do more.

Online video marketing is hot and proven to work but too many local brick and mortar businesses seem to ignore the possibilities that this form of advertising has to offer and this is a big mistake. Video advertising is a time tested and proven method to drive huge amounts of traffic to a product line. If you don’t believe me try asking a company like Anheuser-Busch, Michelin, Coors, or any other large business. These companies spend literally billions of dollars every year on video advertising. We know there ads as commercials.

Broadcast advertising can be very expensive. First there are the production costs. The type of commercial that you want to create affects the cost but on the average cost is in the range of $35,000 to $350,000. That is just for production. The real cost comes from purchasing air time. In the 2008 Super Bowl a 30 second spot was $2.7 million.

Online video advertising can give you the branding power of broadcast marketing combined with the direct response capability of the internet all wrapped up on neat and cost effective package. When I say cost effective I really mean cost effective. A 30 – 45 second online video ad will cost you less than a trip to the beach for the weekend.

What can this kind of advertising do for a local business? That’s easy. Your online video ad can bring people to your website, to your store front, or on the telephone to make an appointment.

Half of the adult population of the country is online and the vast majority of them use the internet to research products or services that they intend to purchase. I am willing to be that you do as well. If half of the people of the country are online it only makes sense that the half of the local population is as well? The locals use the internet to search for local products and services. Imagine getting your business in front of half of the population of the local area? How many prospects would that be?

Use the power of online video advertising to reach the people in your area and bring them running to your door. If you couple that with a professional and informative website you have a combination that is a proven winner.