Why Your San Francisco Bay Area Brick and Mortar Local Business Needs a Professional Website

san francisco web designBrick and mortar local business do not need a website. Do you believe that statement? If you do then you probably believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus as well. If you believe that your local business does not need a website then you are losing thousands and maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in potential business.

Your business may not be on the internet but I will bet that your customers and potential customers are. Nearly half of the population of the United States uses the internet every day. Approximately 90% of the people who are online research products and services that they want to buy on the internet. If your company has no website these potential customers have no way of even knowing that you exist.

Your website is one of the most powerful advertising tools known to man. Can you think of any other advertising medium that has the potential to reach as many people, build relationships with them, and is as convenient for them as a website? I did not think so.

The economy in our country is in turmoil and as a result our local businesses are suffering. Sales are down and we need some way to reach more customers. The internet is the sales tool that you have been searching for.

Your professionally designed website is the salesman who does not sleep, eat, or want holidays off. It does not get sick or have family issues. Your website will be there 24 hours per day, 7 days per week doing nothing but driving sales.

Making use of a professionally designed website has many benefits that simply cannot be matched by any other form of advertising. If you are looking for the most advertising bang for the least advertising buck, a website is the answer.

Here are a few of the benefits that you can expect from your website.

  • A tireless 24/7/365 sales person who does not falter. When a customer needs information your website will provide it.
  • Build new business. 85% to 90% of people online use the internet to research products and services that they intend to purchase.
  • Build relationships. Develop relationships with new customers as well as nurture and develop your relationship with current customers.
  • Customer Loyalty. Provide an online newsletter or ezine for your customers.
  • Regular and repeat customers. Give web only deals, printable coupons, and notify your customers of new products, up coming sales, and special promotions through email.
  • Rise above the competition. Leverage the market through your website by making your business the premier provider of your product or service.

A website is a must for any local business that wants to grow, expand, and dominate the market in their geographical area. The sooner you get your website up and running the sooner you will see more profit.