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San Francisco Online Marketing: Google Releases Instant Preview and Google Hotspot

Google Instant Preview "Instant Previews provides a graphic overview of a search result and highlights the most relevant sections, making finding the right page as quick and easy as flipping through a magazine. To use it, click once on the magnifying glass next to the title of any search result and a visual overview of the page will appear on the right." Google Hotspot "[Hotpot is] a local recommendation engine powered by you and your friends. With Hotpot, we're making local search results for places on Google more personal, relevant and trustworthy."

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San Francisco Internet Marketing: Effect of format change in Google Places listings

It appears in addition to changing the placement of Google Places listings, Google also changed its ranking algorithm. Here's an excerpt that was reported to me by an associate: So Google changed the format of the Google Places listings – but what about the order (ranking)?  Did Google change the ranking algorithm too?  You bet your bottom dollar they did!!!  In the last Q&A session, someone mentioned that  Google was placing a higher value on the URL of the business owner.  To see if that was the case for my clients, I asked the account reps for 5 of my clients to give me a before & after picture (you can see the results below).  The numbers came in – but what does it mean?  Here is what I am seeing:       a.  Before the change, it didn't really matter if the business had a website.  Now the website SEO ranking seems to determine the Google Places ranking.       b.  Sites that ranked low in the old Google Places were catapulted to the first page via the new Google Places listings – IF the business' web site was ranking high in the organic results previous to the change.       c.   Sites that ranked high in the old Google Places have "dissapeared" if they did not have a website.  They are still showing in Google Places – if you click on the map – but they are not showing in the first few pages of the Google Places results.  Don't panic!  If you were building citations/reviews on the Google Places listing and backlinks to the site then you are going to be fine. If not – if you'd only been concentrating on the Google Places listing then you need to adjust your strategy to include a web site!

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San Francisco Web Design: Four Reasons To Get A Website Now

If you feel unsure about getting a San Francisco web design, then these research findings may clear things up for you. Possibly some of the examples don't relate to you, but a top web designer can definitely tailor make one for you. So here are the top four reasons to get a website now…

Reason #1 Usage: According to Public Policy Institute of California , people who are 18 years old and over in the San Francisco Bay, 86% use the internet and 79% have broadband. These numbers have continued to rise even in a deep recession.

Reason #2 Users Have Money: The higher the household income the higher their internet usage. Less than $10,000 38.9% $10,000 $19,999 37% $20,000 $ 29,000 47.9% $30,000 $34,999 57.3% $35,000 $39,999 61% $40,000 $49,999 67.6% $50,000 $74,999 78.5% $75,000 $99,999 87.6% $100,000 or more 93.6% (Source: Mediamark Research Inc., New York Ny, multimedia audiences, fall 2008 )

Reason #3 People Are Searching For What You Sell: Here are the numbers of searches in San Francisco for different items… Daily searches landscape design san francisco 43 san francisco landscape designers 10 landscape designer san francisco 4 san francisco apartments to rent 888 san francisco air conditioning 49 san francisco spa day 265 san francisco day spa 265 san francisco day spas 117 day spa in san francisco 35 divorce lawyer san francisco 63 mortgage broker san francisco 35 insurance broker san francisco 35 golden retriever san francisco 93 nail spa san francisco 28 san francisco wedding venues 142 marriage counselling san francisco 49 shoe store san francisco 78 san francisco dress shops 43

Reason #4 Highly Likely To Buy. A skilled web designer will match search queries with the most likely products and services the searcher will buy. Microsoft Labs have a tool which your web designer can use to help you there. In the following examples you will see percentages. the higher the number the more likely the searcher will buy according to Microsoft Labs. Road bike parts 96% mother of bride gowns 98% unique wall clocks 95% country kitchen curtains 90% nike cheerleading shoes 95% homelite chainsaw parts 99% atv sand tires 94% greenbay packers shirt 99% toyota prius loan 100% samsung 48 hd 99% wine rack 96% jet ski cover 100% boat compass 99% maternity dress 98% bathroom vanity 99% A top web designer will supply you, not only the search numbers that match what you sell, but the ones that are most likely to buy.

So to end, there are increasing numbers of people coming online shopping and the highest percentage of them are from the highest income households. Shouldn't you have a website ready to attract these people?

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